Trauma Education Essentials

Grievance Policy


Trauma Education Essentials Grievance Procedure

Trauma Education Essentials has a grievance procedure to address any complaints, including but not limited, to the following:

·      Refund requests

·      Complaints about course content

·      Complaints about the online platform

·      Complaints about non-receipt of certificates

·      Complaints about miscellaneous occurrences


Trauma Education Essentials will respond to any grievances in a timely and efficient manner.

The Trauma Education Grievance Procedure to be followed is:

1. Complaint or grievance must be submitted in writing, in the form of an email, by participant.

2. Letter is reviewed by organizational members consisting of: our social worker consultant and/or other organizational members.

3. Issue is discussed by Trauma Education Essentials Inc.

4. Fair procedures and due process are part of the policy. Some type of an online hearing will be provided if requested, giving the participant the opportunity to support the allegations by arguments however brief and, if need be, by proof, however informal.

5. The decision about how to respond to the grievance is made democratically within the Trauma Education Essentials corporation.

6. Information is shared within the corporation and utilized to improve future courses.

7. The corporation responds to the customer in writing via email.


If you have questions or concerns contact: