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On Demand Webinar with Jocelyn St. Cyr on Intimate Partner Violence

On Demand Webinar with Jocelyn St. Cyr on Intimate Partner Violence

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Webinar with Jocelyn St. Cyr on Intimate Partner Violence. All prices are in USD. Once you register, a confirmation email will be sent to you immediately. A link to the recorded webinar will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

Intimate Partner Violence: Clinical Assessment and Treatment: Jocelyn St. Cyr, LICSW will be discussing intimate partner violence including assessment and treatment in clinical settings and she will also be providing useful and practical resources for you to use with your clients. This webinar is for health professionals and trainees.


Jocelyn St.Cyr, LICSW is the founder of Domestic Violence Clinician Trainings, a training hub for clinicians teaching best practices for working with survivors and batterers. Through that program, Jocelyn, along with other experts in Domestic Violence come together to share their knowledge with clinicians learning about Domestic Violence around the world. Jocelyn's experience in Domestic Violence comes from her former role as the director of the First Step Domestic Violence Program in Arlington, MA where she managed programs for survivors of trauma, including group therapy services, coordinating and training volunteer mentors, and where she built a holistic wrap-around service that connected survivors with local professionals in various fields to meet the needs of the survivors in the program. In that role, Jocelyn also served as a partner member of the regional Domestic Violence High-Risk Team (DVHRT), which provides a multi-disciplinary coordinated community response to domestic violence cases identified as the most dangerous. Jocelyn is also the director of Living Well Counseling, a counseling center group practice in the Boston area providing trauma-informed care to individuals and groups in the local community. 

You can learn more about the Domestic Violence Clinician Training program at

What is this webinar about? 
You could be working with a client experiencing Intimate Partner Violence and not even know it. Abuse comes in many forms, and at times, it can be easy for clinicians to miss. In this webinar, Jocelyn St.Cyr will help you recognize signs your client may be experiencing hidden abuse, explore myths around intimate partner violence, and learn tools for assessment and treatment. She will begin by defining intimate partner violence and incorporating common models for conceptualizing abuse. She will discuss important treatment considerations, including considerations for teens, the elderly, and members of the LGBT+ community. She will also explain signs of the most dangerous and lethal cases, and steps to address those concerns.  The webinar will conclude with resources, including books, training options, helpful websites and community resources for clinicians to use in their work with both survivors and batterers.

Objectives: By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

1. Define intimate partner violence

2. Differentiate between five forms of abuse

3. Recognize common signs a client may be experiencing intimate partner violence

4. Recognize signs of lethality in a relationship

6:30 – 7:25       Jocelyn St. Cyr’s presentation
7:25 - 7:30        5 minute break
7:30 – 8:20       Jocelyn St. Cyr’s presentation
8:20 – 8:30       Questions and Answers

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