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On Demand Webinar with Pat Love and Melissa Caldwell Engle on Trauma and Relationships

On Demand Webinar with Pat Love and Melissa Caldwell Engle on Trauma and Relationships

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Webinar with Dr. Pat Love and Melissa Caldwell Engle on Trauma and Relationships. All prices are in USD. Once you register, a confirmation email will be sent to you immediately. A link to the recorded webinar will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

Dr. Pat Love will discuss important attachment conflicts that are common in relationships along with effective clinical strategies for treatment. Melissa Caldwell Engle, LPC, ATR will explain common emotional patterns that can occur in relationships. This webinar is for health professionals and trainees.

Pat Love, Ed.D., LMFT, known for her warmth, humor and research-based wisdom has been a clinical practitioner for 40 years. Her blog posts, YouTube clips, books, trainings, workshops and online courses have made her a popular go-to relationship consultant. Her work has been featured on televisions through repeat appearances on Oprah, The Today Show and CNN; in cyberspace; and popular magazines--but she’s also a professor, licensed marriage and family therapist and long-standing clinical member and approved supervisor in AAMFT. See her full bio here.

Melissa Caldwell Engle is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Registered Art Therapist (ATR) She has over 25 years of experience treating trauma and addictions. She was the Executive Clinical Director at the Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma for 22 years. While in this position, Mrs. Caldwell Engle clinically managed three inpatient programs directed by Colin A. Ross M.D., where she was involved in the development, and implementation of the Trauma Model and its integration into the programs’ treatment milieu. She was actively involved in the development of the “Trauma Model Certification” process and co-presented as part of it with Dr. Ross. Mrs. Caldwell Engle is a co-founder and the Clinical Director of Healing Springs Ranch, a residential treatment center for addictions in Tioga, Texas, just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. See full bio here.

What is this webinar about? 
In the first half of the webinar, Pat Love will talk about recovering from trauma in the context of current relationships. She will define what she means by trauma, and then will describe the natural attachment needs of a young child. She will then go on to provide an overview of healthy family functioning. From there she will describe the effects of trauma on attachment and steps to repair insecure attachment in current adult relationships. The focus will be on how adults with unresolved childhood trauma and attachment conflicts can heal their relationships by working in couple’s therapy. Specific strategies and techniques will be described, including;
            Trauma defined
            The natural state of the child and attachment needs
Brief trauma overview
            Overview of healthy family functioning
            Consequences and repair from insecure attachment
            How relationships can heal
Skills for healing

In the second half of the webinar, Mrs. Caldwell Engle will start by identifying unhealthy behavioral patterns that inhibit healthy emotional expression. Within every couple is a blend of each person’s past experiences- both good and bad. The way each person learned to respond to these past experiences emotionally, plays a direct role in how he/she will respond to current day experiences and stressors. Many times, unknowingly, people will develop unhealthy patterns of emotional responding in an effort to control their uncomfortable feelings. Often, depending on the couple, these patterns can create their own dysfunctional cycle at the relationship level as well. Therefore, it is critical that each person understand and identify his/her unhealthy emotional patterns at both the individual and relationship levels to better facilitate emotional connection and communication. She will address the dissociative root and addictive nature underlying all of these patterns.

Next, she will review her Spectrum of Emotions, which is a conceptual tool that helps to identify 8 core emotions and their corresponding polarized patterns that trigger the fight or flight response. She will explain how these patterns, across the spectrum, often result in medical or psychiatric diagnoses. She will also review different cognitive, emotional, and behavioral techniques to promote grounded and healthy emotional expression. Specific cognitive and experiential treatment interventions will be provided as well as clinical examples and case vignettes. 

Objectives: By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe a working definition of trauma.

  2. Recite the components of healthy family functioning.

  3. List three skills for creating secure attachment.

  4. Utilize the Spectrum of Emotions tool in their clinical practice.

6:00 – 7:15       Pat Love: Recovering From Trauma in Relationships
7:15 - 7:30        Questions and Answers
7:30 - 7:35        5 minute break
7:35 – 8:45       Melissa Caldwell Engle: The Spectrum of Emotions; creating a common ground
8:45 – 9:00       Questions and Answers

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