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Recorded Webinars

 Colin A. Ross, MD

Colin A. Ross, MD

Presenter: Colin A. Ross, MD 

The Impact of Trauma: Past, Present & Future

In this webinar, Dr. Ross will explain how PTSD can be understood and treated as a disorder of the future. In most treatment approaches to PTSD, the person is seen as being “stuck in the past.” The focus of treatment is on trauma memories. But, Dr. Ross will propose, PTSD is equally or more a disorder of the future: the person must review the tapes of the event repeatedly (flashbacks) in order to create a list of “omens” – the signs of impending trauma the person missed last time. The person must then stay hyper-aroused, alert, keyed up, easily startled and scanning for danger, in order to see the signs next time and take evasive action. From this perspective, PTSD is a future-oriented survival strategy. The flaw in the strategy is the fact that, usually, the traumatic event could not be avoided and was not the person’s fault. The person carries a burden of PTSD symptoms and self-blame for no real increase in future safety. Treatment strategies for this “disorder of the future” will be described.


By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

     1. Describe why PTSD can be considered a disorder of the future.

     2. List some treatment strategies that follow from seeing PTSD as a disorder of the future.

     3. Understand the Locus of Control shift and childhood magical thinking.

* see speaker bios here. Moderator: Dr. Dana Ross


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